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On-Line Training

Your OnDataSuite staff takes pride in offering a multitude of training opportunities throughout the year.  Each school year over 40 on-line sessions are available to choose from.
With your annual subscription to OnDataSuite, you have access to all on-line training sessions. Additionally, each session is recorded and made available for later viewing, along with a handout.
Topics include but are not limited to…

New User/Basic Trainings
Experienced Users
Administrative Functions

Fall PEIMS Review
Summer PEIMS Review
PEIMS affecting Accountability

Principal’s Academy
Counselor Training

Discipline Data Review
Maximizing Attendance

Leaver/School Start Window
Dropout/At Risk Recovery

Using OnPar
Using OnBoard

CTE Data Review
Bilingual/ESL Review
Special Ed Data Review

Finance/ HB 3 Data Review
Business Office/HR

A-F Workshop
CCMR Training

RDA Indicators
Data Validation Monitoring

Federal Accountability
CRDC Reporting

STAAR EOC/3-8 Reports
TELPAS Reports

On-Site Training Pricing

Due to the wide breadth of topic areas available within the OnDataSuite platform, onsite training may require more than one subject matter expert to conduct the session(s).  Scheduling is subject to availability of personnel. The daily rates below include cost of training, travel and lodging. Click Here to request On-Site training availability.


Specialty AreaTopics covered/AudienceDaily Rate
PEIMS – Student, Staff, and FinancePEIMS staff, Principals, Attendance, Discipline, CTE, SPED, Bil/LEP, Business Office$1,500 Daily
Assessment and Accountability

Accountability Admin, Assessment Admin,


$1,500 Daily
All Topics (Two trainers on site) 

$2,850 Daily

ESC On-Site Training Schedule

Whenever possible training is conducted on-site at each of our partner ESC’s.  Training at the ESC’s is open to all OnDataSuite customers.  Availabilty and times are subject to approval of each ESC.


TBA = To be announced.

ESC # – Location – Next Training Date

ESC Contact

ESC 1 – Edinburg    TBA

ESC 2 – Corpus Christi    8/18/21

ESC 3 – Victoria    8/19/21

ESC 4  – Houston   10/19/21

ESC 5 – Beaumint   10/25/21

ESC 6 – Huntsville  10/26/21

ESC 7 – Kilgore   11/4/21

   ESC 8 – Mount Pleasant   9/2/21

ESC 9 – Wichita Falls   TBA

ESC 10 – Richardson  8/26/21

ESC 11 – Fort Worth     8/25/21

ESC 12 – Waco   9/13/21

ESC 13 – Austin     10/21/21

ESC 14 – Abilene   TBA

ESC 15 – San Angelo   10/13/21

ESC 16 – Amarillo   9/24/21

ESC 17 – Lubbock   9/23/21

ESC 18 – Midland   TBA

ESC 19 – El Paso    10/28/21

ESC 20 – San Antonio   10/20/21


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