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2022-2023 ODS On-Line Training Schedule

·        No cost to sign up.

·        Sessions average 30-60 minutes.

Click Here to download the 2022-2023 training schedule. You may also use the links below to register.


August 2022

2    Admin Functions – Updating User Accounts

9     Admin Functions – Overview

30  Admin Functions – File Center & Loading Data

September 2022

1    OnDataSuite Basics

1   Using OnSync To Auto Load Files

6   Loading XML / Edit Review

9   Using “My Dashboard”

15  Leavers, School Start Window, Dropouts22  State Accountability A-F

27  Rolling Out ODS to Campuses

27  Class Roster / Fall29  Validation / Custom Reports

October 2022


6    Finance Data Preview (Mid Year PEIMS)

13    “Manage the Easy Button” Data Review

13  Special Ed Data Review

18  Compensatory Ed Funding Review

20  Special Populations Data Review   

 November 2022

1    Advanced Report Building

1    OnTarget Harnassing the Power of Standard Scores -TIA

3   OnTarget – TIA doesn’t have to be Rocket Science

3   OnTarget Analyzing Validity of Local Assessments for TIA

9    CCMR – Early Warning System10  Fall PEIMS Data Review – Student10  Bilingual/ESL Data Review11  CCR Component Monitoring11  Setting HB3 Board Goals14 What is Hiding in your Common Assessment (Encore Assessment Conference)15  College Board ACT & TSI Reporting

15  Staff / Finance Data Review16 Harnessing the Power of Standard Scores to Compare STAAR Assessments (Encore Assessment Conference)

17  Leavers / At Risk Data Review

17  Accountability – Fall PEIMS29   SOF – Summary of Finance (Student Data)     

December 2022

1   RF Tracker Collection Review

1   Finance Data Review / Student Attendance6   Building Ad Hoc Reports

8   Sharing & Bookmarking Reports

12 Using OnPar

14 Working With Focus List

16  Working With Data Columns

January 2023

10 OnDataSuite Basics10  ECDS KG11 Understanding the File Center12 Administrative Functions Overview


February 2023


2 SPPI 142 Dashboard Overview12 Maximizing Funding Attendance Data28 Discipline Data Review


March 2023


2 Staff/Student Profiles7 Class Roster Winter14 STAAR File Report Builder Grades 3-828 Special Ed Data Review


April 2023

4 STAAR File Report Builder-EOC6 Student Special Populations (Summer PEIMS)6 Emergent Bilingual Data Review (Summer PEIMS)10 TELPAS Reporting27 Summer PEIMS Review Student Part 127 Summer PEIMS Review Student Part 2


May  2023

4 Summer  PEIMS Accountability Review6 Summer PEIMS CTE Data Review25 Course Completion/Transcripts30 SELA Data Review30 ECDS – PK


July 2023

18 State Accountability RDA