Thanks for the wonderful work you all have done with the CRDC. This was the smoothest CRDC I have ever done!

Donna Gutierrez
Huntsville ISD

As a fast growing district, we are constantly having to review numbers and make predictions.  OnDataSuite makes it very easy to run historical comparisons, counts and quick view reports.  I find the software easy to use and helpful in many ways.  For our PEIMS submissions, it is wonderful to be able to load in the preliminary edit files and run the pre-existing reports to clean up our data.  Having the ability to load assessment, staff, finance and other data types is very useful and allows many different types of analysis.  The OnDataSuite team is always ready to help with suggestions, trainings or improvements and we are excited about the future potential of ODS. 

Marie Miller
Assistant Director Student Information Services
Klein ISD

Recently, my district purchased OnDataSuite.  At first, I was a bit skeptical thinking, ‘great, one more software I have to learn.’ During the initial training, Thelma Hacker demonstrated several reports that caught my attention regarding discipline.  As time went on, I realized how useful the software is.  I was able to provide principals with data needed to identify problems at their campus based on the reports from ODS.  This data could be used to drive the tough decisions that needed to be made both at the campus and district level.  The best thing about the system is that they use the same format and formulas TEA uses for reporting and audit purposes.  Recently, our student information system was down for maintenance and we had a parent that needed some time-sensitive information regarding his child.  Everyone panicked because our SIS was down but then I remembered ODS and was able to provide the parent with the specific information he needed.  ‘ODS to the rescue!’  I have a hard time understanding why more districts don't use such a handy software system. 

Araceli De La Cruz
Program Director for Educational Support Services
Galena Park ISD

I use the OnPoint product every day, literally.  It is as vital to our student data arena as is our student information system that we use to capture all student data.  It is easy to learn, but incredibly powerful when it comes to pulling and analyzing data.  I can run any kind of query I can come up with, against the data that has been submitted (or that we are planning on submitting) to TEA, and perform detailed and intricate data analysis on my district’s data.  And to top it off, OnPoint has quite a few ‘canned’ reports already created for us, which provide an arsenal of weapons at my disposal for data verification and reporting.  And the customer support has been outstanding – from day one! This product is Awesome!

Mo Del Basso
PEIMS Director
Galveston ISD

On Point is such a valuable tool for El Paso ISD.  Being able to do year to year comparisons on student data for the last ten years with a click of a button is a tremendous help during budget time.  It’s very useful for compiling various eGrant data.  The Accountability section is most useful when preparing for PEIMS submission so that we can see at a quick glance where the district stands.  With 93 campuses to review, it’s a great tool for finding discrepancies in our PEIMS data.  The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable and always quick to lend a hand.  Thanks for all your work to make this a GREAT product. 

Brenda Montoya
PEIMS Coordinator
El Paso ISD

OnDataSuite has been an excellent tool to help generate reports and look at PEIMS data discrepancies.  The ease of turning searches into excel spreadsheets makes it a breeze to send data to campuses for them to review.  In addition, the ability to pull data for multiple years really helps to see where there has been significant changes.  Adding OnDataSuite to our tool box has been an incredible asset. 

Becky Dominigue
PEIMS Coordinator
New Caney ISD

OnPoint is a very useful tool for districts to monitor and extract data.  Our district has found the reports to be very helpful in monitoring our status with PBMAS.  We specifically like the Low Attendance Report and the report of Students with Excessive ISS Placements.  The ability to export the reports to Excel and to easily add other fields is very convenient.  I find myself using it more often because it is so easy to find the information I need quickly. 

Lisa M. Campbell
Director of Student Data/PEIMS
Texas City ISD

PEIMS Data Plus is a user-friendly product that allows our district staff to obtain information easily.  Information necessary for budgeting, reviews, and audits – no more cumbersome reports to flip-through.  Providing on-line access without contacting the PEIMS staff – our staff is pleased to have such a program at their finger tips. 

Sonya R. Burney
Student System Analyst
San Angelo ISD

Our PEIMS coordinator wanted to share with you and your staff this prestigious award that we feel your company was a part of.  Your software allowed us to generate the required reports for the broad organization with such ease and speed that it made it possible for BISD to submit what was required on time. 

Thanks again for all your help when we needed it in such a short time. 

Brownsville ISD

PEIMS Data Plus is an excellent way to quickly access PEIMS data for internal reporting purposes.  I love the ability to retrieve data for multiple years quickly.  PEIMS Data Plus is truly a plus for our district. 

Suzy Adams
Director of Data Services
Burleson ISD